Last Day of Class . . .

Ok, folks, it’s almost over! Be sure to bring your final essay with you to turn in (please do not email me with it, and make sure that it’s double-spaced, Times New Roman font #12, etc., etc.). Email me if you have any last minute questions.

We’ll finish watching Paprika in class (thanks Mindy!).


One response to “Last Day of Class . . .

  1. I believe I’ve talked about this previously, but there’s a few different theories about time travel— you can change the past, you can’t change the past, there’s many branches, unused branches die, etc. The one that always appealed to me most was the inability to change the past. It follows a certain rigid logic that makes a lot of sense, whereas the others require a suspension of belief and indulgement of fantasy that makes it seem a bit far-fetched, even when considering the context (time travel).

    That said, all the different combinations of theories have been used at some point or another in various movies and I enjoy all of them immensely, despite being drawn to what I consider the more logical one. So when I’d seen the movie the first time I thought it was great; even really, really good. I don’t know why, but it wasn’t until I’d seen it a second time that I realized they hadn’t just kind of cobbled together their own time travel theory. Apart from changing the fate of the ferry and Claire, everything that happened when Carlin went back in time had already happened. Since it was my second time around I noticed all sorts of little things, tiny attentions to detail that (of course I can’t remember now) really made the whole thing seem more real.

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